Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fun Dining

Okay, let me correct the title, it was actually both fun and fine dining.

It was our "farewell lunch out" for my officemate and friend, Winky, who was leaving for the You.S (US) in a week's time. My boss, another officemate/friend, Ms. Emi, Winky and myself headed towards San Juan to find some place to eat. My boss brought us to a place called Cafe Ysabel.

My first time to dine at Cafe Ysabel, a classy yet affordable restaurant tucked in an old but homey ancestral home along P. Guevarra St., San Juan, Metro Manila. The very first thing the caught my attention was the pond at the front yard, big and beautiful fishes swarmed the shallow, glistening water. Out of excitement (and ignorance I guess), I asked one of the guys in uniform (who I assumed works there) if they get their seafood dishes from the pond, the answer was negative, and thank God, these creatures are too beautiful to be served on the table, they're better off left swimming to their hearts' content. My eyes were transfixed on them for a brief moment. Then, I reminded myself, we're actually there to dine.

Inside was a cozy, welcoming ambiance. It was roomy, the furniture looked ancient and really matched the old house. It felt like going to grandma's house.

My boss who was the one more familiar with the place and the menu, took the liberty to order our food. Here's what we ordered.
(Arroz Valenciana)

(Lengua, some fish-the green one with nuts on top, and chicken-the one that looked like inverted triangle - forgot their names).

The food had very nice, creative presentation. And the taste Two thumbs up!

I vowed to bring another friend there one of these days.