Saturday, June 13, 2009


I was looking for some work-at-home jobs online when I stumbled upon paid-to-click sites. Paid-to-clicks, or PTCs, are sites that invite members to click on ads and view them for a required number of seconds (around 15-30 seconds), and reward them somewhere between $.005 to $.01. Very minimal, but could be a potential source of "other income" particularly for those who spend long hours in front of their PCs browsing or blogging. Some offer more activities like paid-to-read emails, paid-to-sign up, etc. Payments are made via paypal, alertpay, and some other ways I'm not familiar with. I have signed up in some of them, I just hope they are not scams. Here are some the of the sites that I open to click ads, mainly because of very good reviews from those who have been in the "business" long enough. Though I have doubts, I believe as others do, that some of them are actually legitimate on-line businesses, and this thought keeps me going, and clicking.

(Interested? You can click on each banner to find out more.)

Since I am new (I started joining on the last week of May 2009) I have yet to build up my "first cash outs". Wish me luck!