Sunday, January 31, 2010


About 2 weeks ago on a Monday morning I felt pain on the lower right side of my cheek, and I thought it was - nothing. I went to work just like any other day, but the pain bothered me. When I complained about it, my officemates told me to see the doctor to find out what causes it. I didn't actually believe it was something alarming, but I went to see the doctor anyway. I work in a healthcare company and I have immediate access to (excellent) doctors. Guess what! I was diagnosed to have mumps! I really found it funny coz I thought mumps are just for kids. But yes, it was my first time to have mumps(as far as I can remember). And what really surprised me was when the doctor said it is in fact contagious! I was ordered to go home right after to avoid spreading the virus in the workplace. The doctor sent me home for a 9-day-quarantine. I also had a strict order to wear face mask at home at all times and avoid any physical contact with my kids without a mask.

Well, I must admit I welcome the sudden and unplanned vacation. This is the first time that I'm going to stay home for 9 straight days, with pay (yes!). But I was also worried about the workload that will be left on my table. I brought home my laptop(at work)so I can still work. So I was on sick leave but was also remotely working. Whew, what a vacation!

I was happy at the thought the I'll be home for a long period, and have more time to bond with the kids. Unfortunately, because of the restriction set by the doctor - I can't go around the house without a mask, I can sleep with my kids, can't kiss nor hug them, oh, the list goes on and on I actually find it OA (Over-Acting). But prudence also tells me I should comply, lest I pass the virus on to my kids (oh, no!) and the other people at home.

I've finished the 9-day quarantine period. Now I'm back to work, back to reality. It was a nice respite, but not so nice because of the "dont's". After a long rest, I'm again behind my desk doing a full time HR job.