Saturday, April 25, 2009


I used to think blogging is a thing for those who do not have anything worthwhile to do, probably bored teenagers or unemployed individuals who would rather log and ponder and dissect every event in their lives to announce to the world their wasted time. I'm the type who hits the web for the purpose of something productive - getting the latest news, doing job search, or searching for information that I have immediate need for. Well, ironically, I am doing it just now - blogging! A convert huh!

I actually don't know why I'm doing this, but as I do it now I realized I missed writing. Writing used to be my passion back in high school and college. I remember I had a penchant for writing just about anything - a leaf falling, a friend saying goodbye, schooldays... anything on my mind. After college it was time to face the real world, find a job, fend for myself, and sadly, as I was engulfed in life's complications brought about by adulthood, I lost it. So sad...

I'm happy I'm back. And what makes me even happier about doing this is that I don't need to write down my thoughts using my (left) hand anymore - writing by hand is one of the things I don't enjoy doing - I hope our beloved pre-school and elementary school teachers who painstakingly teach their pupils how to write properly and legibly won't hate me for saying this. Anyways, thanks to that guy who invented computers, jotting down my thoughts is no longer as "physically challenging" as it used to be. Now writing (or maybe, more aptly, typing?) is just an easier task to do - definitely!