Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Kabayan Beach Resort
April 27, 2010 Tuesday
Laiya, San Juan Batangas

The employees gathered at the company's Corporate Headquarters as early as 4:00am. Some even stayed overnight at the clinic(office) to avoid coming in late and risk being left behind by the bus. As always, there were those who just can't come on time, so we had to wait for them, I should say, unhappily. Even the bus was late (huh!). We were able to leave the office at a little past 6:00am. We had to prepare ourselves for a long trip, about 3 to 4 hours from where we came from.

The bus was a mess - aside from being late, it was running slow apparently due to some mechanical problem, and the AC wasn't working properly. To top it all, the bus driver wasn't familiar with the place and it took longer for us to reach our destination. Good thing, the long trip was all worth it when we finally reached the resort.

Entrance to the Resort

A Grotto welcomes all visitors, found right after the entrance/gate.

A picture of the beach

Serene...but steaming hot!

This is where they do ceremonies like weddings, birthdays, and other events.

Some employees played beach volleyball...

...while waiting for the food, which was being prepared right in front of our cottages

Swimming time!!!

Everybody enjoyed the day. Overall it was a fun-filled, memorable company activity.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Family Outing - Morong, Bataan

After spending the whole morning looking for a beach resort first in Subic, then in Morong, Bataan, we finally settled in a newly opened beach resort, The Bonito Beach Resort, located in Morong, Bataan. According to the receptionist, they opened just a few days ago, and indeed, the rooms were very new, cozy to the point of being elegant, and ours was big enough to fit 11 heads (six adult and 5 children). Well, the sand wasn't as white as Boracay's and other beaches in the South, but it was so fine, and it was surprisingly beautiful.

Day 1

We started swimming at around 4pm, when the sun was not so high and we were spared of sunburn. Just to be sure, I applied a lot of sun block on my kids' body. It was effective.

Day 2

The sky was so clear, the sun was up as early as 6am, still my kids braved the sun and basked in the sea. Oh, how they love the beach!

We went to the other side of the island, about 30 minute travel by a banca (boat). There we were able to visit a small sanctuary for "pawikans" (tortoise).

A "pawikan" (tortoise)

Life cycle of a "pawikan"

Getting ready for home.

It was worth the long search. We had so much fun!