Wednesday, July 29, 2009

MyLot - what a great site!

In my search for some information about paid to click sites, I accidentally stumbled upon myLot and my internet life has dramatically changed. MyLot is not a PTC site, it is a social networking earning site (not sure if I got that correct). I have never been so addicted to surfing until myLot came to my life.

I joined the site sometime in May of this year, I actually had no idea about the earning part, I only noticed the number at the top left portion of my dashboard on my third post, about the time when myLot updated the earnings of all members. Reading the discussions alone made me stay in this site, but the money that goes with each post makes it all the more exciting. There's nothing better than learning and earning at the same time.

And oh, did I mentioned the friends I made? I never imagined myself to have so many friends all over the world. Now I get to exchange opinions with everyone who shares my interests and get advices on just about any problem whenever there's a need for one (not that I have such so many problems LOL).

It is indeed a wonderful experience. I have shared this with two of my personal friends and I hope that they too, will enjoy the site as much as I do.

Just in case you're interested, please visit the site: